Design Process

From the initial site visit to final construction plans, Jac Design Inc. takes a collaborative approach to the design process: we ensure every client gets the best experience they can – through working with us every step of the way.

House plans and their necessary revisions will be relayed via email or meetings during these stages.

This is our step by step house plan design process used for each of our projects.

1. Site Visit.

After initial contact, we do a site visit as a way for us to take precise measurements and get an idea of your vision for the project.

2. Measurements.

During the site visit, our designers take accurate measurements of every inch of your home to ensure accuracy and precision in our drawings and throughout the entire design process.

3. Rough Sketch.

From the information we obtain, conceptual floor plans and the front elevation are generated. The purpose of this stage is to establish room sizes, room orientation, gross floor area, and roof lines. We create and send the client a concept floor plan and design as a starting point. These preliminary concepts quickly help establish size, shape, scale and structure of your new home.

4. Revisions.

We take the client’s response to our initial preliminary concepts and begin to change and revise the initial floor plans and elevation as the client has wishes.

At this point we send back the revised floor plan to the client where they have the opportunity to comment on and revise the plans; we will continue to repeat the process of revising the drawings as needed until the client is completely satisfied.

5. Final DESIGN.

At this point, with the clients final approval of the house plans, we begin to re-draw the house plans so they are permit ready. We complete structure, add all required notes and details, and finishing touches to the elevations and cross sections.

6. Apply for Permit.

Once you are 100% satisfied with your new house design, all structural components and notes are applied to the house plans, finalizing the permit and construction process.